About Me

Hi! I'm Marla Erwin, a designer in Austin, Texas. Although I started out in print and graphic design, I've become a web interface designer both by chance and by choice. Nothing pleases me so much as that "aha!" moment when I find the most frictionless path for users to meet their goals.

I am currently Senior Interaction Designer at Whole Foods Market. I'm also an evangelist for web standards and accessibility, and speak occasionally at conferences in Austin and elsewhere. Best way to keep up with me, if you're interested, is to follow me on Twitter.

When I'm not working, I'm noodling around online, reading (design, history, politics, and science for dummies) and considering — seriously this time! — pulling my old guitar out of the closet.

My most amazing accomplishment? I once managed to get my first car, a decommissioned U.S. Postal Service jeep, to go faster than the speed of light. This is absolutely true.


Yes. Scientists at the Rochester Institute for Technology have used a barrier of supercooled sodium to slow a beam of light to 38mph. On a good day, that jeep could go almost 50mph.

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